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“Alan Braxe composed an exclusive mix for the showcasing artists from his label, Vulture Music, 2000-2012. The selection features tracks by Pacific!, Kids at Midnight, Starsmith and more, with both originals and remixes by Braxe himself.

Don’t forget to check out the Q and A where Alan Braxe goes in-depth on french raves, his DJ-career and Vulture Music.”

*Track list:*

Pacific! “Narcissus” Original Mix

Pacific! “Narcisus” Alan Braxe Remix

Das Glow “12 volts” (Drums Only)

Visitor “Los Feeling” Alan Braxe remix

Alan Braxe/Fred Falke “Intro”

Lifelike/Kris Menace “Discopolis”

The Paradise “In love with you”

Kids At Midnight “Let you slide”

Palermo Disko Machine ” Theme of Palermo Disko Machine”

Fenech-Soler “The Cult of Romance ”

Pacific! “Unspoken” Alex gopher & Pierrick Devin remix

Starsmith “Champion”

An exclusive mix for “Thefuture.FM” : BRAXE FM, ROUND 1

“Vive The Future FM! Selection un peu eclectique pour cette première fois, mais le “round 2″ sera l’occasion de rentrer dans les details.”

*Track list:*

FARE SOLDI – ” Pestaliozzi” Original Mix -

Master Flex “Stomp” Original mix

Pitto “Something happened” Pitto Instrumental mix

Paper clip people ” Throw” Slam remix

ADO ” Revenue” Original Mix

Nite Owl ” Love is mine” Original Mix

Lancelot ” Spoken words” Original mix

Ford/Lopatin ” Too much Midi ” Braxe remix

The Orange lights ” Life is still beautiful” Braxe remix

Django Django ” Hail bop” Original mix


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