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Scion AV Presents: Alan Braxe – Moments In Time EP


OUT NOW worldwide via free download from Scion AV

The “Moments In Time EP” is Braxe’s highly anticipated return to original material after an intensive period of remixing and production. The new EP comprises of 4 original titles, 2 of which have been written in close collaboration with old friends The Spimes.

The originals are accompanied by an epic remix package that summons up some of the most sort after talent around, from the classic masters of “French Touch” such as Lifelike and DJ Falcon through to the hot new sounds of Gigamesh and Memory Tapes.

Scion AV Presents: Alan Braxe – Moments In Time EP


One More Chance [with The Spimes]
Time Machine [with The Spimes]
Time Machine [with The Spimes – Gigamesh Remix]
Time Machine [with The Spimes – Chateaubriand Remix]
Time Machine [with The Spimes – Le Crayon Remix]
Time Machine [with The Spimes – Mr. Gonzo Remix]
One More Chance [with The Spimes – Memory Tapes Remix]
One More Chance [with The Spimes – Lifelike Remix]
Time Machine [with The Spimes – DJ Falcon]

Early Press:

“Time Machine” is a confident venture into synth-pop territory, a luxurious and pillowy track soaked with a palpable sense of melancholy.

“glistening ’80s synths and motorik rhythms, the emotive “Daydreaming” …

“The Brillant @ALAN_BRAXE tune “Voices”… The Vulture boss is back”
Mixmag via Twitter

The Spimes (Romuald & Madji’k) lend their unique talents on “One More Chance” and “Time Machine”. Romuald, described by Mixmag as a “21st century Serge Gainsbourg” has worked on several iconic records including “In Love with You” by The Paradise (Alan Braxe & Romuald), whilst Madji’k has been riding the new wave of “French touch” and Disco with releases on 20000st and Fantomas records. These two have been individually involved in numerous classic productions for labels such as Kitsune, Diamondtraxx, Vulture and many more.

Since the late 90’s Alan Braxe has been heralded as a pioneer of the French electronic scene and is known for his key role in crafting the melodic characteristics that embody “French touch”.

In 1998 collaborating with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter and Benjamin Diamond, Stardust “Music Sounds Better With You” was created. It was an international smash hit, spending weeks at the top of the charts.

After the early wave of success, Braxe was in heavy demand for remixes and working for the likes of Björk, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Jamiroquai and Beyoncé, were just a few of the artists that lifted his remix profile to new heights.

In 2000 Braxe set his focus on building up his label “Vulture Music”. Vulture provided a futurist and musically open space for diverse and talented artists such as Lifelike, Kris Menace and Fred Falke to write and produce some of their best material and some hugely acclaimed hits, including “Chrystal City”, “Running”, “Discopolis” and another classic anthem for Braxe, “Intro”.

Vulture is still considered a cornerstone of the current French electronic scene and is known for supporting unique and talented artists across the globe. | |

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